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    Traditional Inspiration

    Traditional Inspiration

    Traditional kitchen ideas are mostly assigned with natural materials or wood. Whether it is just an oak worktop or the whole set of wooden cabinets. Painted wood is another option for creating a dated, rustic glance. If you have a specific cabinet style in mind we can create a truly unique wooden kitchen design that would make you feel special every time you visit the room.


    Additionally the popularity of scandinavian kitchen design grows worldwide. We have had a chance to create many truly beautiful, white cabinets’ kitchen, with white walls, wooden floors and lined tiling. The same story is with the industrial kitchen design demand. Exposed brick walls, wood beams, and free standing retro appliances (such as SMEG-that we can offer)are just few of many ideas of how to achieve such ‘technical’ look.


    Interestingly, rustic look of reclaimed pine cabinetry and flagstone flooring are often joint in with hyper-modern decorating items what together make the kitchen look fantastic!


    Surprisingly no kitchen would look the same! Although there may be some similarities in styles, the truth is that there are no two rooms looking the same. This is down to adding that final touch by our customers’. Our traditional kitchens are as unique as our clients.


    Our supplier’s range of shaker looking kitchens is very impressive and we are sure there is something that will catch your eye straight away, visit


    The Chippendale classic kitchens are recognized by their painted doors, with many colours to choose from: whites,through steel blues and finishing off with anthracites. Their palette of shades gives you a full option, whatever is your favourite. We can help you find the right warm neutral or bright tones of cabinets that would mirror your vision of a kitchen to love. The way that a room looks can really make a massive difference to how you feel in it. To achieve a true traditional appearance, it takes careful planning and finding suitable accessories. There are many ways to add a natural look to the vintage or country kitchen you may be aiming for and our ideas, training and essential experience gives us the confidence in offering you a superior kitchen transformation.


    Additionally, observing the trends and tendencies on the kitchen market we constantly introduce new choices within the classic kitchens. We are happy to help you harmonize the sets of colours, find suitable cabinets, create designs and many more.


    Traditional styles are seen as adding the warm and cosy feel to the house. It may be down to the fact that kitchens are slowly taking over the role of living room. We spend more time in the kitchen then ever before, not only while cooking! It’s now a place for socializing, homework doing, neighbour chatting and so on.


    Not everyone may be a fan of classic kitchen from the very start. Some find it old fashioned or boring but actually, the timeless design and modern practicality brings a set of unquestionable benefits in the kitchen look and every day use. Especially that these days, the kitchen specialists are constantly introducing newest, practical, latest technology innovations that are smartly blended in a classic looking kitchens.


    Every kitchen is different and that is why we need to provide you with a fully customised quotation for the room renovation. We would be happy to come out and take measurements of your current room in order to provide you a Free, no obligation estimate We offer free measurement taking and 3D designs creation.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us of you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange an appointment with our project manager.

    Ask for a FREE quote

    Receive a FREE non obligatory quote for your dream bathroom or kitchen. Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.