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    Modern Inspiration

    Modern Inspiration

    The world of kitchens is bigger than we think. There are hundreds of decisions to make; the right layout, materials, colours, cabinets range, appliances, lighting…. the list is quite long.


    Some customers may find it tricky, challenging and overwhelming to actually choose the one to suit their needs, mirror visions and fulfil dreams. But Home Expert(s) are here for you. We will take you through a magic, sophisticated journey to help you create a kitchen design modern, traditional, minimalist or very homey- all to be proud of.


    The first step is to decide on the style of your new kitchen. If you are a fan of modern kitchen design, we can  come up with stunning modern kitchen ideas that will be taking your breath away. Here, at Home expert we offer a professional advice and design service to start with. This is to make the most of your new room, with high end brands’ products and an outstandingly high standard fitting. We are offering a full kitchen renovation service with supply and installation, including plumbing, electrics, tiling etc.


    Listening to our customers, our aim is to create kitchens that would suit every need, with warm and homely feel and effortless functionality. With a wide range of contemporary kitchen cabinets and worktops available, we are sure we will be able to find the right contemporary kitchen for you. All are beautifully crafted, with a sleek and minimalist touch giving them the chic and elegant look and feel.


    Whatever the style you would like to go for, we always advice to keep the layout backing the working triangle rule. The concept is both, aesthetic and functional, making the cooking experience a real pleasure. Sometimes we come across modern kitchen design for small spaces where we need to choose furniture in most clever way creating a more compact kitchen design.


    Every kitchen is different and so would be our customers’ visions for their dream room. There are requests to create a minimalist kitchen design that would involve item-free countertops, flat front units and universal colours. Other customers ask for fully traditional look with shaker doors, golden taps and a real-wood worktops. Listening to our clients needs to put together a design concept that would look perfect but also to be perfect in every-day use.


    Most of the time it’s the kitchen size and shape that will determine which layout would be suitable for your new room. There are few different contemporary kitchen layouts  that have been very popular in the recent years. Open plan kitchens and island kitchens have been on the pedestal for quite some time now. The main idea of those is to create an open area where everyone can get together, whether it’s a family evening or a friends’ meeting.  Understanding your needs and considering the property allowances, we want to help you create a kitchen that you would love to spend your time in. And if you are thinking of making the kitchen space bigger, we can help you with necessary paperwork such as planning permissions etc.


    Over the last decade we were able to hone our skills in designing contemporary kitchens. We are constantly adjusting and shaping the looks of the modern kitchen design accordingly to the changing trends and customer visions. We have created open plan kitchens, unicorn kitchens, galley kitchens, island kitchens, you name it. We try our hardest to sustain the home harmony and  keep the uninterrupted style line that our customers would like to have.


    We advise our customers to choose the layout and cabinetry to make the kitchen well organised. It is crucial that we come up with ergonomic kitchen design  based around actual, personal needs that the kitchen and its equipment will be used for .When it comes to cooking and meal preparations, it is essential to decide on a plan that would be giving the most storage capacity with a composed working area. Keeping all the kitchen accessories in its own place not only look good , but also it is very practical.  Additionally, the latest design can be enriched with new gadgets such us pop up sockets or Wi-Fi controlled ovens can add that extra special feel to technology lovers and creative thinkers.


    Importantly, whatever the style, cabinets features and layout, we are fully committed to the highest quality so the kitchens are built to last.


    Please have a little look at our gallery and reviews to see what were other people’s’ views of our job and how it all looks! We have also got a very satisfying portfolio of many project we had undertaken at our Facebook profile. Like our page to be up-to-date with the latest renovations.


    The traditional classic kitchen design is still in great demand. The shaker-styled classic kitchen cabinets have truly stood the test of time. All of the natural decors and small details enhance individual character of the room.


    Our clever, experienced designers have had a chance to draw many sophisticated and elegant looking traditional kitchen designs considering a number of different layouts, colours, materials, etc. We know how to twist the design to make your classic kitchen become your most favourite room of the house!

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    Receive a FREE non obligatory quote for your dream bathroom or kitchen. Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.