Kitchen design trends in 2018

13 June 2018

Kitchen design trends in 2018

Accoridng to many the kitchen is seen as the most important room in the building. We couldn’t agree more! We see it as the centre of the entire house, the heart of home where the everyday life starts and finishes. 

Generally, previously the kitchen was used as a room for meals preparation and to stock and wash dirty dishes. However these days, the kitchen has a much different meaning to the house. It is now seen as a family room where members can catch up with their close ones in the morning and also a social meeting point for the evening peer reunions.

That’s why when you think about changing something in the kitchen or if you want to do a whole room remodeling, you might want to get to know what are the latest trends in the kitchen designs in 2018.  Over the last decades the kitchen trends have been changing quite a few times. There are few areas that you may want to consider when choosing your  perfect fitted kitchens design.

Styles & Colours

Classic white cabinets are still a big favorite for a kitchen choice. They have a contemporary look, elegant touch, look clean and most of all-timeless. They seem to stay on a podium of one of the most popular colours but the 2018 will also introduce a splash of a new colour scheme to follow. 

Greys. Grey comes as the second choice, some may say ‘safe option’. It goes well with most of the accessories colours and looks good with different styles of kitchens, whether its rustic, traditional or modern that you are a fan of.

Surprisingly for some, the dark colours are also making their slow, shy way to success, with blacks, navy, dark green or plum. It can add a very glamour accent to the room with a bit of dramatic look. 

That is not it! Two tone kitchens let you have a combination of the two styles, the classic one and a hint of a trendy colour. You can make few of the cabinets in a different colour so that you have a compromised result of i.e. safe whyte and a brave plum/red/black that could add a designer spark to the final look. 


Over the last couple of years a model of an open plan kitchen extentions have become the hottest trend. The kitchen islands and a broken kitchen designs have grown in popularity due to their extra worktop spaces and a cleverly created boundary between the dining and living areas.

They are also seen as a perfect solution because 1. They look good; bringing the designer touch to the room; and 2. They allow creating an additional storage solutions; with various under counter cabinets and appliances, the kitchen will gain extra space for plates, pans etc.


There is nothing worst than a wasted space in your kitchen. When you plan your dream kitchen, you would ideally want it to be functional, easy  to maintain, and of course-beautiful.  It all starts with planning so that every inch of the room is smartly used. 

Nowadays the kitchen doesn’t consists of just shelves and drawers. Today you have so many different options to choose from, so you can now have a fully personalised storage solutions. It all depends on your vision and needs.  You can choose from different sizes of drawer dividers, pull-outs for spices, ladder units, roll-out trays and wastebasket cabinets for garbage or swing out removable waste bins. 

They are all to make the food storage easier, more organised and higienic. 


As much as the kitchen should look good, it should also be durable. This is why many say that the new 2018 trend is to have natural materials incorporated in the look. Worktops are just one of many examples here. Granite, corian and/or wood worktops are made to last but also bring a touch of timeless class. When you spend your pennies on upgrading a kitchen, you would surely want to know it is worth your money. Hard wearing and scratch resistant materials will be the ideal solution to every kitchen. Especially that they are easy to clean and maintain. Plus they always add value to any home. 


Kitchen cabinets, storage, colours and materials:they are all very important choices of kitchen planning. There’s just one final thing. A very significant thing: APPLIANCES. Kitchen is not a full kitchen if you don’t have a cooker, fridge or an oven.  

In addition to new trends in colours, styles etc, kitchen appliances also have a trend change in 2018. The stainless steel pieces are still one of the most popular choice, yet  colored pieces such as fridge are slowly entering the stylish kitchens platforms. As previously mentioned, these days many people go back to a vintage styled look and go for brave reds, plums etc. to brighten up the room with a bit of a fancy tones.

The next big 2018 trends thing is the technology input in the applainces world. There are now many ways to cook the food much faster,  healthier-letting them retain food nutrients and easier-with a wi-fi controlled coffee machine that can make you coffee when you are still in bed! All in all, the fast moving appliances market allows us having a chance to experiment when cooking/storing food. 

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