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    ‘It’s not a perfect time to start renovating your bathroom.’ Or is it?

    ‘It’s not a perfect time to start renovating your bathroom.’ Or is it?


    Although some may think that the current times are not the best to start the bathroom renovation Aberdeen, but actually we think that now it is a great opportunity to start planning your perfect bathroom!

    It you can’t look at your cracked bathroom walls anymore, keep fighting the faulty plumbing or you are simply tired of the way your bathroom looks, it may be indicating that your home is in need of bathroom refurbishment and care. 

    Using the extra time some of us may have during these strange times, we can help you plan the bathroom that you’ve always wanted to have. The recent conditions caused an increase in number of people working from home, meaning that the time spent indoors has often doubled. This is why some of the customers get in touch with a need of making their homes more cosy, comfortable  and welcoming. This is where we step in, helping with bathroom transformations. Sometimes a little change to a home can make a huge impact on our lives.

    Bathroom Planning 

    We always say to our customers that they can be as little or as much involved in planning their new, perfect bathroom. We have got a great team of Aberdeen bathroom designers that have the right knowledge, expertise and experience in creating beautiful bathrooms but it is always the customer that has to make the final decision on how it will all look and work. With your vision and our expertise we are sure we can create a room that would be both: stunning and functional. We know that it always takes very careful planning, drawing and discussions to come up with the desired outcome. Our customers are always advised to take their time to think about all the details and never to rush on the design or style decisions. It may be surprising to some that it often takes a couple of weeks to finally decide which design, products or layout to finally go for. But we are with our customers all the way, offering our help and advice. 

    We work 6 days a week, (Sundays are optional, on appointments only) with someone always at hand in our bathroom showroom. We can also work remotely, with our designers available for a chat whether over the phone or using one of the online platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp or Skype meetings or any other platform you would be keen on. Our team members are available to help with starting the process of new bathroom planning or with any questions you may have regarding your bathroom renovation. We think it’s a great time to begin with the 3D bathroom designs and quotations giving you needed time to think, plan and discuss it all. 

    Sometimes it may take more than one design to decide which option would be working best for you and your lifestyle.  We are often approached by customers  that would be willing for a bathroom remodeling involving only a bathroom furniture replacement but actually sometimes they end up with an entirely new layout and/ or style. Once we have seen the room, we tend to have a discussion with the client to identify their needs and visions, and then we debate with other team members of what option we can create to fully unleash the potential of the room. All of our ‘experts’  have heaps of experience that once combined together, can bring a lot of surprising solutions. We repeatedly see someone coming to replace their bath but end up with, for example a walk in shower or a shower room. Obviously, every project is taken individually and what could have been working for one person, may not be suitable for others. 

    Choosing the right bathroom goods 

    With all of the styles to choose from and all suppliers we offer, our customers have a world of options to consider. With the extra time that some of us have now, you don’t have to leave anything to fate anymore. We often hear that our customers do not realise how many crucial decisions have to be made in order to create a perfectly harmonised traditional or modern bathroom. Having a list of different bathroom goods’ suppliers to choose from, it may be a little confusing what would be the best solution but we are 100% sure there will be something for everyone that they will fall in love with (see Plus our job is to help our customers to go through the process with a joy and smile on their faces. In the end of the day, bathroom planning and bathroom remodeling should become an event to enjoy and have good memories of. 

    On top of all of the suits and brassware to choose from, there is also a major factor that should not be forgotten. Having years of experience of carrying bathroom renovations in Aberdeen, we got to know the way the local houses are built, how to care for the refurbishments and what could be the main obstacles and importantly (!) how to overcome them all i.e. damp, small spaces, etc. Moreover, dealing with renovations that are most of the time based locally, working on bathrooms in Aberdeen and Shire, it gave us the opportunity to learn which bathroom remodeling could become the best possible solution for the space the customers have. 

    Choosing the right style is one of the major decisions to make but also, making it all work to be practical can also become an issue. We often see bathrooms refurbishments with rooms quite small in size. With the use of our experience and suppliers’ products’ insights, we can offer our clients the best solutions that would be meeting their requirements. Some people would like to find a maximized storage solution whilst others would be happy to keep their spaces in a minimalist bathroom style. We are here to help with fulfilling whatever visions our customers have. 

    Keeping up to date with the bathroom renovation market

    Additionally we must mention that we constantly monitor the bathroom products market. Being in the business for a number of years now allowed us getting to know the market really well. This means a few things. First of all we have been continuously following the newest bathroom trends, inspirations and design ideas. It is crucial to know what is currently ‘in fashion’ to be able to come up with a modern bathroom inspiration that would be ideal for them. 

    Secondly when undertaking a bathroom refurbishment one should keep in mind that on top of newest trends appearing on the market, there is also a continual upgrade in the installation field. Like in any other category of life, there are some clever minds constantly working on improvements that would ease and improve the fitting process of such projects. Having to carry out hundreds of bathroom installations, we have the opportunity to monitor the latest additions to the trading products and always search for the best solutions to install bathrooms that will last for many years to come.

    Deciding on the renovation start date

    It is also crucial to think of when the renovation would be taking place. There are things that we have no control of, especially now with some of the restrictions controlling the sector, but there’s no harm in planning the perfect time that would suit you for the bathroom remodeling. 

    Once we know the dates you have in your mind, we will try our best to fit in with your life. We can pencil in your renovation and work things around this date.

    If it is decided that we can carry out the renovations, we will be placing our clients’ projects accordingly. We will follow the very latest Government guidelines when working in the customer’s house and promise to fully train our staff on the best practice, making sure the work is carried out safely. 

    There is one more thing we should mention here too. We are often asked about the bathroom renovation surroundings while the work is taking place. Customers are worried about the dust and overall tidiness around the bathroom- which is very fair and understandable because there are no renovations that would be quiet and super clean-we admit it. Obviously, it all depends on the extent of the works that are planned. However we always promise our clients that we will try our hardest to minimise the inconvenience, use the dust sheets etc.  We want our clients to be 100% with the process of remodelling.

    Financing your bathroom renovation. Is it really worth it? 

    When speaking about being happy with a bathroom remodeling in full we have to tackle another crucial factor- the financial aspect of the process. 

    The circumstances that we are all experiencing now had an impact on many lives and put many plans aside. Budgeting is often the main reason why people are held back with their final decision making which is absolutely understandable. However we have got a solution for anyone who needs a little help with financing their bathroom renovation. Our teamed up company. Ideal4Finance ( can assist you with a fully bespoke finance plan. The final decision is based on your individual circumstances, including your personal credit profile, the amount you are looking to borrow and the length of time over which you would like to make the repayments. 

    We know that bathroom renovation is a costly investment. Having said that, such investment will pay back. Bathroom transformation not only can give you a needed boost to feel better in your own home but also, it adds value to the property. And after a couple of years, even if you decide that the house/flat is no longer suitable for you, a bathroom that has undergone a major facelift is seen as impacting the final price of the whole feature. 

    Bathroom renovation- the aftermath. 

    Undergoing such a change in the house should be hassle free, both before and during the works but also after it is all completed. We have to underline that the products and services we offer come with a proper warranty. As a fully licensed and insured company we want to back our clients up with peace of mind. This is why we also always indicate how important it is that we use only trade materials that we trust and have used in the past. Knowing the brands and having installed specific items allows us to feel secure that they should last our customers for years. 

    Carrying out the renovation during the pandemic. How will it work? 

    Being able to return to our bathroom fitting business means we had to make some changes to the way we work. Firstly, we will still offer a remote appointments option to be able to discuss the renovations with a limited contact.

    Our showroom however will still remain open as usual (Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm and Saturdays 10am till 4pm). We follow the very latest Government guidelines to maximise the customers’ safety. We will keep sanitising all surfaces that we touch and will have sanitising gels in hand for everyone entering our showroom. There will be access to a sink so all guests could wash their hands when they enter too. We will keep ventilating the showroom as often as possible.

    Our team members are fully trained, will wear face masks during the meetings and fitting of the bathroom.

    We will keep the social distancing throughout the project. Also, if anyone of the visitor/customer’s house has Covid-19 symptoms or is advised is self-isolation or shielding, please inform us immediately and we will need to postpone the project until a suitable time. 

    So if the thought of bathroom renovation Aberdeen has crossed your mind, think no more. 

    Get in touch with our team today 01224 921921 or email us at and let us join your journey to a better home. 

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    Receive a FREE non obligatory quote for your dream bathroom or kitchen. Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.