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    Introduction to the world of bathroom furniture

    Introduction to the world of bathroom furniture

    Bathrooms, seen as one of the most important and personal spaces in the house, can be quite challenging when deciding on choosing the right furniture. And it is not because there is not much to pick out from. It is completely opposite. It is because there is such a vast range of bathroom furniture Aberdeen based and in the rest of the scottish market. Plus, these days most of the bathroom furniture suppliers in Aberdeen and beyond offer delivery of goods from around the United Kingdom. It gives you an option of choosing literally everything you really wanton your bathroom.

    If you are thinking of replacing your bathroom, or if you are moving into a newly built house, it can take you days until you find the right set of furniture. We offer our clients professional advice on every aspect of the renovation, including the bathroom furniture and we understand how difficult it can be. So in the meantime, we would like to present you with a couple of tips that you can take into consideration when planning your new bathroom.

    Bathroom Furniture style

    Before you move on to searching for a specific vanity or mirror unit, try to visualise your dream bathroom first. Simply close your eyes and think about what your bathroom should look like. Next search through the internet a little bit and see if maybe there are any bathroom images that are close to your vision. Funny enough this is also a stage when you can decide on a completely different look! And it is not because you are indecisive (so do not doubt yourself!) but actually, it could be because we do not re-decorate our bathrooms every six months and some of us may be simply not aware of the newest products, solutions and trends available on the market.

    So once you have a full picture of a dream bathroom in your head, or at least have a basic idea what is it that you definitely do not want in your bathroom, it will probably come down to one of the following broad bathroom styles:

    • Traditional bathroom furniture
    • Modern bathroom furniture
    • Contemporary bathroom furniture

    What is the difference between the three?

    All of the mentioned styles create a clear statement and should be well thought through to make sure it will be carried throughout the room without mixing and matching furniture of different styles . It just would not look good.

    Traditional bathroom furniture is one of the most popular styles that people choose. It adds a bit of classic, old-fashioned, vintage touch to the room. It is perfect for creating period-themed bathrooms with typical features such as detailed, antique looking handles, panelled doors and earthly, wood effect finishes. Some people may think it can create a look that would be seen as dated and blanked out but actually, well designed and corporated details can create a very classic and elegant bathroom that would be warm and welcoming.

    Modern bathroom furniture is the second, most loved style. It usually features angular or curved lines with sharper, sleeker designs. They are perfect for creating a luxury look, with J-pull, or push to open drawers, modern fixtures, touch sensors, all creating a spa-like, seamless appearance. Most of the modern furniture comes in matt or gloss finish, in firm, clear colours such as whites, greys, blacks. They can be often mixed together, but all have to create a perfect harmony and airy look.

    Contemporary bathroom furniture tends to attract modern-day consumers, who are up for a clean-looking, minimalistic bathroom, with closed shelving and all toiletters hidden in bathroom cabinets. The style of furniture is regularly changing and is often defined by what is currently trendy looking and available. It can have lighter, brighter colours and often reflects best-selling solutions of the present-day market.

    Colours and materials

    Bathroom furniture market has gone under a major makeover over the last decades. Businesses have recognised the need of adjusting products to customers’ desires and have gradually started to introduce newest solutions, colours and styles to match the buyers needs.

    Because of the above there is an endless choice of materials, finishes and colours when it comes to bathroom furniture.

    Whatever is the style you decide you go for, there are countless bathroom inspirations that combine vanity units with marble, anthracite, wooden or plain colour looks. The final design should complement your vision along with the functionality of the unit.

    As a bathroom renovation company with years of experience in transforming people’s homes, we have a satisfying portfolio of completed bathrooms in many different styles, colours and materials. Click here to see more

    Iit is crucial to remember about adjusting the colours and materials to the size and room characteristics. Smaller bathrooms are said to be complemented by brighter colours of cabinets and walls to make it look more open and airy. Darker colours can often create a cramped look, so lighter furniture is said to be a better choice.

    Furniture Size, layout and storage

    Before you start purchasing the furniture, you need to get a brief idea of how big the bathroom is and what’s the space you can use for furniture. The best would be to measure the room in length and take a note of the power supplies and utilities such as water mains. It would be good to draw at least a basic plan and keep it handy for the future.

    If you decide to use a renovation company (one like Home Expert) to redecorate your room, this is something that will be done by professionals as they take the full responsibility of putting everything in its place (

    Once you know exactly what is the space you can operate with, it is time to decide how much storage space you need and if it can fit in the bathroom. Some people like a minimalist look and all toiletries hidden in cabinets so an option to have larger units would be perfect. Others may want to keep things at hand, in an open unit or on the sinks’ surfaces to make it easy for kids to reach. Whatever the reason, it should all make a nicely looking harmony but also, you should keep the practical side in mind. You need to ensure there is a clear walkway into and within the room and check if door openings do not clash with each other.

    Speaking about the storage, we always advise our customers to think and discuss the amount of space for storing bathroom items they have and if they need any more than what they currently have. Sometimes aesthetics play a bigger role at the planning stage and customers simply forget about the practicality of everyday bathroom use. But this is when the experience in renovations comes in handy.

    When you know how much space is needed, there is the next stage of deciding what sort of furniture mounting would be the best in your bathroom. By far the most popular is a choice between freestanding and wall-hang storage cabinets. Both offer convenience, flexibility and come in different sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

    Freestanding furniture is characterised by offering a touch of class and easier installation. These stand-alone units are said to be looking better in larger bathrooms, often traditionally styled and in the centre of the bathroom. There is an extensive range of many freestanding furniture offered by our suppliers; check these as an example :

    Wall mounted furniture offer space between floor and the unit making it easier to clean the floor without obstacles in the way but also, they offer a clever hideaway for the toiletries, every-day cosmetics and cleaning products. They create a contemporary look and enhance a sense of space but importantly, have to be fitted professionally (wall mounting kits should be adjusted considering the type of wall, weight of furniture piece etc.). Have a look at another one of our suppliers offerings:

    Types of Bathroom Furniture

    We should underline that when considering any bathroom furniture, we do not only mean the vanity unit (the cabinet below basin). There are many other options to add in your bathroom, each serving a slightly different purpose but all to make one beautiful and functional room.

    -Tall cabinets, also called tallboys, offer the most amount of storage possible. Using maximised space, whether freestanding or wall mounted, it creates a great way of hiding extra towels, toilet rolls or even laundry baskets! With different sets of inside shelves, they all offer a designer, polished look that works perfectly with the rest of the bathroom.

    -Corner units, designed to fit neatly in the bathroom corner, offer a stunning connector to other storage cabinets making it a perfect choice for combining great use of space and increasing storage benefits.

    -Storage benches become more and more popular with the time. Bathrooms were once serving washing and toilet purposes only but now, people tend to spend more time in those rooms, dedicating it to a relaxing ‘me’ time. The extra sitting space can also be a great convenience for families with children, older adults, and those who appreciate a little time alone in the bathroom. Obviously they are designed to fit in larger bathrooms only but such extra storage space will definitely become a bonus to all bathroom users.

    -Next thing that we ought to mention in this blog is an option of introducing mirrored cabinets as a part of your bathroom furniture set. Serving dual function of mirror and cabinet for storage, they can be real life savers for those struggling with lack of space. Taking a minimized amount of wall space as they can be very shallow, they let its users fit what they need for daily routines. The variety of sizes, shapes and designs allows customers to search through the sea of beautiful cabinets that will truly ‘mirror’ their bathroom vision. Every bathroom should have at least one mirror as it opens up the space and makes the room look bigger. It could be a good tip to have a larger mirror in a smaller bathroom to make it feel somewhat larger. Check out some of our suppliers’ range of stunning mirrored bathroom cabinets:,

    -Fitted furniture. Next to wall hang and freestanding furniture, there is also an option of installing fitted bathroom furniture. This popular option lets you synchronise a designer bathroom appearance with similarly styled, matching bathroom units and worktop to suit your space. The variety of different sizes allows fitting those in small and large bathrooms. The bathroom size and your preferences decide on the amount of units that will be used in your new bathroom. See some examples of perfectly looking fitted bathroom furniture inspirations here:

    Small Bathroom-can you fit your bathroom furniture in?

    The answer is very straightforward- Yes. Just think very strategically about the space you have and how to use it to maximise the bathroom potential. Just because you do not have a hotel, large bathroom to play with, it does not mean having to miss out on furniture in your bathroom. Maybe there is less space but there are many very clever ways of making the most of the area you have. Firstly, space-saving units will prove ideal for smaller rooms. Reduced depth of those means providing much needed storage  without compromising on safe walkways and keeping an accessible entry  to showers/baths etc. A combination of narrow basins, cloakroom styled toilets and compact furniture can lead to a bathroom that may be small but will not look cramped and cluttered.

    What’s next?

    Now that you have a chosen style for your new bathroom, all bathroom furniture is decided on, but what is the next step?

    Well, we know that redecorating a bathroom is not something that you do every few months so we underline how important it is to make it alright from start to finish. Not just because of finances involved but also because of how valuable your time and dedication is.

    Even after years of experience in bathroom remodelling Aberdeen based and beyond, we know that it is not an easy task to manage such projects. It takes careful planning, researching for the most favorite items and trying to fit it all so it will last for years.

    Our advice therefore would be not to rush any decisions, and make sure the fitting is done professionally to prevent any leaks, and other unpleasant experiences. Bathroom renovation should be a nice process with good memories and no regrets.

    Read more on what is in our opinion crucial when decorating your bathroom:

    If you enjoyed reading this article, have any questions or would like to know more if we could help you choose your perfect bathroom furniture, please let us know.


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