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    How to decorate a bathroom?

    How to decorate a bathroom?

    Designing your perfect bathroom is one thing, but decorating it after may be far more complicated. In bathrooms Aberdeen we believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your bathroom a little extra elegance and style.  There is a lot of easy hacks and simple tricks that just make the difference you need. Here is some advice from bathrooms designers Aberdeen on a quick bathroom design upgrade.

    Choose your style

    The worst thing that you can do is mix different styles together without thinking about it.  Sure, it can come out great and interesting but most of the time, in the best-case scenario, it will look funny and definitely not elegant or stylish.  That’s why when decorating your bathroom you should stick to one style that works best for you. The best option is to design a bathroom that would be easily transformed using different decorations – and that is the ultimate goal of bathrooms designers  Aberdeen.

    Less means more

    We know it’s hard to accept that, especially when there are so many amazing decorations that you can choose from in bathrooms Aberdeen, but these are  the facts. Less means more and that should be your number one rule.  Stick to the things that really make your bathroom look more comfy and pleasurable. And remember that it’s not about the price, it’s about the feeling.  Avoid putting too many different pieces around, it will only make your bathroom look more cluttered and that is the last thing you  need, right?

    Think about storage

    Our bathrooms designers Aberdeen believe that the best decor is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance. And that is a great definition of bathroom storage units – there are a lot of options to choose from and everyone is going to find exactly what they’re looking for. Storage is every bathroom “must-have” so why not use it as a decoration as well?  Pick something that would be colour and style coordinated with the rest and voila!

    Maximize your space

    There’s an easy trick that can help you maximize the space even in the smallest bathroom.  Use some mirrors – they reflect the light making room seem much bigger than it really is. And if the room is already big enough, mirrors will make it look more classy and give it some depth.  Most designers choose frameless mirrors, but if you wish you can add pretty much any frame you want to keep the unique style that you  choose.

    Just pick your style, choose accessories and do it all over again, as many times as you wish. Get creative! And check out bathrooms Aberdeen for more inspiration.

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