How to Create a SPA in a Small Bathroom?

9 November 2018

How to Create a SPA in a Small Bathroom?

SPA bathroom
Everyone likes to get away from time to time for a nice SPA treatment. It gives you a chance to renew, relax and leave your every day routine aside. What about if you could have your very own place to unwind and forget about the whole world…?
Creating a SPA can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have a limited space. It takes careful planning to build a room that would be ideal for your soul but also practical and functional for every day use routine.

The very first thing that may come to your mind when thinking about SPA is to have a long soak in your bathroom. Fair enough, most of us get the essential relaxation spirit when having a long lie in a bath. In addition to having just a lovely warm bath, you could upgrade your experience with a Jacuzzi styled massage. There are many different whirlpool systems that can be installed to baths we supply, giving you a proper taste of luxury.

Unfortunately some bathrooms have quite a limited space to fit a proper big bath at. However, being one of the best bathroom suppliers Aberdeen has seen, we have got a full option of versatile baths to choose from. Baths are starting from just 1200mm long tubs, giving you a chance to unwind in a nice, hot water filled, bubble experience. 

SPA bath is an absolutely gorgeous way to relax, yet we should also underline that a having shower room doesn’t limit you from having a SPA zone! These days, there are tens of different hydro massage systems that can be fitted in your shower cubicle. Depending on your prefers, you could have water body jets and massage water features that would give your body a well deserved, soothing relief. Nonetheless we know that not everyone may like a massage while showering, and that’s okay! We could think of installing beautiful, modern rain heads, that could be washing every day worries with a rain’a’like SPA rinse.


When we think about SPA we mean the whole bathroom experience. The way that the room looks can make such a difference. After a great long soak, it is nice to have a calming, natural feeling, clutter free area to complete the soul and body cleansing. The harmony of SPA looking bathroom begins from having a streamlined, tidy and chaos free room with (ideally) most of the bathroom products tucked away in the cabinets and drawers. There are hundreds of beautiful, traditional or modern looking bathroom furniture that will let you hide everything away in a style. Even if you have a smaller room. Bathroom market has recently been bombarded by tons of very clever storage solutions that will help you organize your room in no time! Sparse sink and/or worktop will add a sophisticated and immaculate look to the whole room.

SPA bathroomObviously, not everything should be kept off the sight. Neatly folded towels, candles and fancy decorations are a must have on show to create a SPA in your bathroom. As much as bathroom products could be taken off the shelf, that visible touch of relaxation will make you feel special….and do not forget about the essential oils letting your senses work their magic too:)

   Bathroom oils
So now you have a beautiful, organised room with no clutter around and a beautiful calming scent in the air, but what else? Let’s go back to the finishing touches. Recent trends show an increased tendency towards mixing metals: brass, gold, chrome… for example, a lovely steel rain shower head will look beautiful with a decorative brass mirror. Smaller bathrooms will look stunning with dominant metal finish combined with one or two smaller gold accents. The options are endless…but remember- stay minimalist, less is more!Brass Handles
The last but not least, the lighting. SPA bathrooms are ideal with a mood setting, color changing LED lights fitted under your bath, in the recessed shelves and basically anywhere you want! Having the ceiling and unit lights with independent switches lets you set the scene to meet your personal preferences.SPA lighting
All in all, it takes a little bit of planning to create a perfect SPA bathroom. Especially with a limited space. However today’s market lets us create all sorts of beautiful, minimalist and stunning solutions so your ideal SPA bathroom may be waiting to be discovered!

Spa bathroom

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