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    Bathroom Installation. What to expect?

    Bathroom Installation. What to expect?

    Bathroom renovation

    Whether you are planning to introduce small upgrades in your bathroom or decide for a full bathroom makeover there are a couple of things that we think should be taken into consideration to get it all right.. This article will be dedicated to tackle the ‘bathroom installation in Aberdeen but tips can also be used for those renovating bathrooms outside the Granite City area.

    First of all we believe that renovating a bathroom should be enjoyable and stress free. In the end of the day, creating a new bathroom means making your dream room a reality, restoring a space that feels balanced to you and other household members’ needs. The investment of your finances and time can really last for years and add value to your home.

    However, because there are so many jobs involved in the bathroom installation, it is crucial to pay attention to each step of the project in order to prevent any unexpected issues and unpleasant situations.

    Bathroom designers Aberdeen

    Before you start thinking about the most enjoyable part, such as the colours of your bathroom furniture and tiles, we recommend spending some extra hours planning and visualising your new room to make sure it is perfectly suited to your needs. This is because there can be a big gap between what we want and what we actually can install in the bathroom considering the rooms’ sizes, layouts and the ease of walking around the bathrooms.

    If you have a builder that can help you start your renovation experience-that is invaluable. They should be able to help you with the project. These days there also are many basic softwares that can help you plan your bathrooms online but some people find it tricky to work around.

    There is also an option of employing a professional company to undertake the whole project saving you time and hassle for each stage of the renovation.

    We, at Home Expert for example. offer our clients a free 3D design service that not just shows all details and close to real life colours but actually lets us include the exact products in the design that our suppliers have on offer. We proudly use one of the visualitions computer programs that requires licence and constant updates making sure you are offered the newest solutions, furniture pieces and all trendy colours that are on the bathroom markets. This way you can not just imagine but actually see what your future bathroom would look like.

    Thanks to our lovely, dedicated bathroom designers Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire has gained a team of true talents that can unveil the great potential of your bathroom. With years of experience in creating bathrooms, we have transformed tens of homes, with many returning customers asking for undertaking next home improvement projects. Working on the scottich market, working locally has also let us renovate dozens of different locally based bathrooms so we still come up with newest solutions to the typical new-built and older houses.

    Once we have the bathroom measurements, our consultants will come up with the 3D design that will help you visualise the bathroom design. We also assist our customers with useful tips that would improve the final bathroom outcome.

    What is involved in bathroom installation?

    Once you know what your dream bathroom will look like it is now the time to plan what sort of works will be involved in the renovation in order to plan it all well ahead. Depending on how extensive the amount of work will be there can be many specialists that will have to assist your project. We will try to include them all below:

    Old bathroom suite removal and disposal:

    Probably not all of us remember that before things can get started we need to have all of the old items removed and prepare the area for the new items’ arrival. It can sometimes be surprising that disconnection and withdrawal of unnecessary items can involve higher costs and it can take longer than expected.

    Depending on the type of the waste, we should remember about responsible waste management and that everyone should adhere to protecting our planet.

    If you are using one of the professional bathroom renovation companies, they should be able to take care of all waste. For example, Home Expert always offers its customers a hassle-free solution where we disconnect and dismantle all items, and depending on the size of waste, we will either remove and bring it to the local landfill or order a skip.

    We pay a huge attention to the way the waste is managed and always bring the subject up when we begin the cooperation with customers.

    Electrical work

    Depending on how old the current bathroom is and when was the last time someone investigated the electrics in the room, there can be very little or quite a lot of electrical work involved. Most of our bathroom renovations involve installing power saving LED lights that look very attractive and elegant. Depending on what you want to have in your bathroom, there can be more electrical work involved. You can install an electric shower, shaver socket, a hand dryer and /or an extractor fan. The costs will obviously vary depending on the list of the jobs involved and rates of your electrician. Importantly, check that the person that undertakes such works will actually have all necessary qualifications and experience to have it all done up to safety standards!


    There is no need to underline how important it is to get all the plumbing work done correctly. Installation of new taps, toilet, shower or bath and sink should be carried out to the highest standards without compromising on the quality. This is because any water leaks can cause a lot of damage to the bathroom, sometimes to surrounding rooms of the property or even surfaces below the flooring level (if you have a one/two floored house or neighbours living downstairs).

    Considering the above, our suggestion is to employ professionals to carry out the plumbing work.

    We believe that the right experience and expertise of the bathroom specialists play a crucial role in this matter. Our bathroom fitters Aberdeen have the right experience and knowledge so that we trust them 100% with all the jobs they carry out.

    You can check our reviews to see what other people said about our renovations and fitters: ( )


    Here again, depending what you decide to have on the floor and walls, tiling can play a huge role on the overall look and bill. The tiling, in our opinion, should be done flawlessly. And we do not mean that it should just look good, it has to be executed in the most professional way, using the best materials to prevent unwanted leaks, and make it look nice for weeks after the renovation.

    We have previously mentioned in our older blog entries that our company, Home Expert teams work with the best grouting that is 100% waterproof and will look good for the years to come without discolouring etc ( Here’s what was said previously:

    ‘Home Expert teams always use special sealant and a very specified grout from a well recognised brand called ‘BAL’. As the company explains on their webpage:

    ‘BAL Micromax2 Grout is a rapid-setting, highly flexible, water/frost-resistant cementitious tile grout with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. It is suitable for grouting porcelain, glazed and fully vitrified, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone in dry and wet interior and exterior environments.’

    It can save you a lot of time and money when a proper grouting is used at the very installation stage as the mouldy areas can get really nasty sometimes.

    Whatever you decide, we always advise our customers that there are a couple of areas that should be tiled (or waterproof panels installed): around the bath, sink and obviously floor. It is all to make the room as waterproof as possible to stop the water ingress to prevent the damp. Some people decide to have the walls tiled only half-way. Which is a good idea too, but you should remember about using special, waterproof paint around the room. The amount of steam and water around in the room can be very intrusive to the walls and ceiling.


    Similarly to the paragraph above, correctly fitted flooring is a must in the bathroom installation. If, for example, you decide to install a wetroom, where the shower tray is replaced by a fully tiled area, the need of having tiles properly installed has to become the priority. Waterproofing the space is essential to prevent the water from splashing around and creating a dampness below the flooring surfaces.

    However, if you are not a fan of the tiles, there are different solutions available too. You can decide to go for a vinyl flooring that has been slowly introduced but quickly accepted by the bathroom renovation market. Here again, you need to pay attention to the way it is installed to make it water resistant in all strategic places such as panels’ connections, corners, etc.

    (You can read about wetroom installation in one of our previous blogs: )

    Bathroom items

    Once you know who will be the  most suitable to install your bathroom, it is now your turn to decide what exactly will be fitted in your bathroom.  It is hard to predict how much a bathroom will cost and how long it will take to fit it until you are completely sure what will be inside the room. This is why it would be ideal to have a rough idea of the final bathroom look to let the fitter know about the amount of work he/she will have to spare for the bathroom completion.

    Bathroom market is now full of many differently coloured and styled furniture so it is all up to you what your dream bathroom looks like.

    You can search for your perfect set of bathroom items yourself or, you can use one of the companies like ours, to help you find what you are looking for. Such companies can play a big role if you fancy a piece of brassware/furniture that is only available to the trades.

    Time & Costs

    New bathroom installation or renovating an old bathroom can be one of the major investments to the property. You can use a phrase, for example ‘bathroom installation Aberdeen costs’ to get a brief idea of how much it will all cost but because there are so many different factors that can affect the price. The final bill can vary depending on how much work will be done by yourself, if you are a DIY fan or if you employ specialists to carry the whole project for you. Because there are so many different jobs involved in a complete bathroom renovation (electrics, plumbing, tiling, painting, etc.), some say that the best option, most cost and time effective would be to engage a professional company that can do it all for you. Not just because, like at Home Expert, we have a full team of specialists that we trust and know but also because we take the responsibility of full project management, from start to finish.

    Same thing applies to predicting the time needed for bathroom renovation. If you decide to carry out most of the work yourself, in your free time, it can take much longer to complete the renovation due to lack of experience, maybe lack of tools too.

    We would say that an ordinary bathroom renovation Aberdeen based, usually takes 8-10 working days to complete. But! We always prefer to say it could take longer than that as every bathroom is different and because there could be some unexpected issues on the way (if we have to replace an old hidden pipe for example) we want our customers to be fully aware of what could happen. Without nasty surprises.


    Do not forget about guarantees! Once you are spending x-amount of money on your new luxury rooms, you probably want to feel secure after the installation is completed. Products’ warranty is a one thing but the installation warranty is just as important. DIY bathrooms can be not as perfect due to the lack of expertise. This is again when a professional company can be most suitable for the job as they should offer you a fitting guarantee for all jobs they carried out.

    Bathroom Installers Aberdeen

    Hopefully we have covered most of the aspects that could arise if you search for bathroom installation tips. We have shared our knowledge so that you know what to expect when you are planning such an investment.

    As a professional bathroom remodeling Aberdeen company, we can easily say that such project management is not an easy job but we are here to help. We can assist you in your bathroom transformation process providing few main advantages:

    -all specialists in one place, fully cooperating with each other, under our management

    -a secure point of contact as we are always here for you

    -a piece of mind-providing most cost and time effective project management

    -installation guarantee

    Let us know if we could help with your bathroom renovation. Call 01224 912 921 or message ust .



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    Receive a FREE non obligatory quote for your dream bathroom or kitchen. Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.