Bathroom Christmas Decorations Ideas

21 November 2018

Bathroom Christmas Decorations Ideas

When you think of getting your house ready for Christmas, you probably think about the living room, kitchen, maybe children’s rooms. What about your bathroom? If you are hosting in your home this year, a bit of festive spirit in the bathroom will cheer up all your guests!
It may be much simpler than it looks. You don’t need to place a 180cm long Christmas tree in your restroom or spend a lot of money on decorations. It’s all about the details.

1. The very first and obvious would be Christmassy washcloths. Nearly every bigger store will let you choose a beautifully designed, nicely coloured or embroidered towel with a little (or big!) Christmas touch. Speaking of which, having a themed towel will definitely be noticed the minute a washbowl is used. And you can invest in more just a hand towel, buy the whole set! It will not only be nice for the guests that are staying over but also it will give you a little special, festive ‘me time’ appreciation.

2. Holiday picture. It is as simple as it sounds. Take your favourite old (or new!) Christmas card, frame it and hang it on the bathroom wall. Or place it on the window sill. It can bring memories of previous years’ celebrations. Alternatively, you can place a picture of a wintery setting, making you very feel cosy and happy to be indoors:)
3. Make your bathroom smell of Christmas. There are tens of ways of how to make it smell festive. You can switch out your every day soap to one that reminds you of Christmas: Pine, cinnamon, gingerbread, oranges and/or cloves. Luckily you don’t have to blend it together yourself. Most of the stores should probably have festive fregnanced soaps letting you work its magic every time you or your guests wash your/their hands. That’s not all! if you are not a fan of scented soaps (or want to release more perfumes in the bathroom) you can surely use essential oils, hang evergreens, infuse your shower or simply try a sachet of your favorite aroma.

4. Decorate it big! Why not hanging a truly inspiring shower curtain with a bit of a Christmas touch on it or buy/ create a funny looking, Santa seat cover that will make you smile every time you use it? In the end of the day, Christmas can be fun!

5. Britain’s favourite: the Christmas wreaths. You can hang a lovely wreath on your towel rail, on the door, near the basin, anywhere you want really. The choice is yours. However you may want to think about a smaller garland rather than a massive wheel. The rule is clear, bigger decorations can optically make the bathroom look smaller than it actually is.

6. Play with colours. Ever known reds and greens remain the Christmas’ firsts choices. Even if you don’t have a towel with Father Christmas’ face on it, you can simply put few green and red items together making it look clean, festive and cheerful.

7. Lights. Our favourite. A glow of golden luminous placed around the mirror, below the bath, next to a wall decoration, can make the room looking completely transformed. Battery operated Christmas lights will let you create a truly magical atmosphere.

8. Last but definitely not least are Candles. Beautifully decorated Christmas (or every day) candles always add that fascinating touch to the room. You can have as many or as little as you want, as long as you don’t leave it unattended while lit (!) You can create your own composition of different Chrtistmas decorations and add the most favourite candle in it. It will become your very own, special, personal ornament.

bathroom Aberdeen candles
The only thing is that we need to remember that sometimes less is more. Try not to put ALL of your decorations in one bathroom. Too much of Christmassy stuff can have an opposite effect. It can ruin the bathrooms’ elegance and sophistication you may have worked for so hard. Leave some for the rest of your house! 🙂

We hope you are feeling inspired by our post. Well, we are…. and we are off to buy some decorations of our own 🙂

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