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How to Create a SPA in a Small Bathroom?


Everyone likes to get away from time to time for a nice SPA treatment. It gives you a chance to renew, relax and leave your every day routine aside. What about if you could have your very own place to unwind and forget about the whole world...? Creating a SPA can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have a limited space. It takes careful planning to build a room that would be ideal for your soul but also practical and…


Kitchen design trends in 2018


Accoridng to many the kitchen is seen as the most important room in the building. We couldn't agree more! We see it as the centre of the entire house, the heart of home where the everyday life starts and finishes.  Generally, previously the kitchen was used as a room for meals preparation and to stock and wash dirty dishes. However these days, the kitchen has a much different meaning to the house. It is now seen as a family room…