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    Wetrooms-modern phenomenon

    When deciding on a new shower room the first question that we ask our customers would be whether they would like to have a conventional shower with enclosure or if they want to go for a more contemporary, aesthetic solution that is to have a wetroom.

    Wetrooms become more and more desirable with newest products and installation solutions that are available on the market. We can also see an increase in a number of customers choosing this type of a shower room.

    Let us bring you closer to our view of wetrooms.

    So what is a wetroom in the first place?

    The wet room bathroom has its roots from Japan. It is a bathroom or en-suite with an added ‘wow’ factor that changes the overall look of the whole bathroom and also-entire house. It literally means that the room has been totally waterproofed with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. The floor however is slightly sloped to guide any water towards a waste or drain preventing it from sitting on the tiles. Wet rooms can but not necessarily need to have a shower screen fitted along the side preventing water from splashing into the room.

    The walls of each wetroom are securely ‘tanked’ by putting a waterproof membrane boarding around the shower area and by sealing them together and holding water ‘inside’ the area and preventing it from seeping out and causing damage.

    Fitting of wetroom

    Most important is that installing a wetroom is a job for professionals. It is crucial to remember that wetrooms need to be installed in a way that makes the shower area 100% waterproof. Badly installed wetroom can have really bad results in the whole room's look and use.
    This is why we, all Home Expert team members pay so much attention to the way these shower rooms are fitted. We always use integrated WATERPROOFING wetroom systems from well known and trusted suppliers such as Schlüter-Systems' range, including:

    • Drainage systems
    • Tanking membranes and backerboards
    • Traditional and linear stainless steel drain grates
    • All additional products such as: adhesives, bands and fastenings

    As the brand describes themselves: ‘Schlüter-Systems' range of mattings and membranes are designed to waterproof and protect tiled installations from lateral movement, cracked substrates and water penetration.’ (Please visit for more info).

    Creating a waterproof substrate requires a skilful approach but our team of fitters have years of experience and always make sure it is done in the most professional way. Paying attention to each stage of the installation is crucial to maintain the right kind of waterproofing.

    Tiles and grouting

    Most wet rooms installed in Aberdeen are fitted with tiles on the floor and walls. Having tiles all around allows heating the room up quickly and helps retain this heat inside the room. Importantly, it also lets the room dry out faster.
    These can be Porcelain, Natural Stone or Mosaic tiles, giving our customers a very wide range of style, colours and sizes to choose from.
    Speaking about tiles we have to mention one crucial aspect here which is grouting. To prepare a fully waterproof wetroom Home Expert teams always use special sealant and a very specified grout from a well recognised brand called ‘BAL’. As the company explains on their webpage:
    ‘BAL Micromax2 Grout is a rapid-setting, highly flexible, water/frost-resistant cementitious tile grout with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. It is suitable for grouting porcelain, glazed and fully vitrified, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone in dry and wet interior and exterior environments.’

    We have been using their products in many previous Aberdeen wetrooms and have not had any issues so have a full trust in the brand. Please click here to read more or get in touch if you would have any questions.

    Square or Linear drainage systems?

    Not requiring the traditional tray means that there has to be a place where the water would be safely removed from the showering area. Depending on the overall style of the bathroom, customers can choose from a square or linear drainage system. There are two factors taken into consideration: the size of the wet room and type of tiles used in the room. Generally a square system is installed in the centre or slightly offset towards one end of a smaller showering area and where mosaic tiles are chosen for the floor. Linear, rectangular drain is usually situated towards one of the walls and is said to be looking and working better where large format tiles are prefered. and where the showering area is much bigger. It will allow a faster water absorption.
    Considering that we have installed many wetrooms in the past, we will know which solution would be best for each individual bathroom and always advise our customers of the most functional and sleek result.

    Wet Room and Underfloor heating. Is it possible at all?

    Wet Room and Underfloor heating. Is it possible at all?

    All of our wetrooms are fully tiled and anti-slip creating a perfect opportunity to install a hidden, underfloor heating. It not only provides a lovely warmth around your feet but also, it is more energy efficient than when having a towel warmer as the main heat source. The underfloor heating allows the water on the floor to evaporate effectively, reflecting the warmth it generated. It gives the room the extra bonus of bathroom drying quicker and eliminates the potential for mould that Aberdeen bathrooms are often fighting.

    Our well trusted supplier, WarmUp is offering different solutions of floor and wall heating systems making the room look and feel luxurious. The brand is seen to be the world’s best selling floor heating brand (please what they offer by clicking here: This is what they say about their heating solutions:
    ‘Using radiant heat technology, underfloor heating gently warms the people and objects in the room directly, from the ground up – facilitating a much more energy-efficient heating method. Our wide range of sustainable underfloor heating systems bring discreet warmth to your home, no matter the size and scope of your project.’

    Home Expert is recognised as an authorised retailer of all WarmUp products. Over the years we have been proudly installing their solutions in many wetrooms in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and have had a great response from all of our clients. Not only due to the lovely warm feel that underfloor heating promises but also, we often hear compliments on how sleek and elegant the wall thermostats look.

    Importantly, although the underfloor heating type and size depends on the individual bathroom requirements (such as BTU-a unit of needed heat in the room) we always recommend having a towel warmer installed too. It keeps towels toasty warm and dry, but also distributes the warmth evenly throughout the bathroom. For everyone who is not keen on how the traditional towel warmers would look in their bathroom, our Phoenix radiator range offers a vast range of beautiful, designer rails and even mirrored towel warmers that can become a feature of the whole room.See:

    Why are wetrooms so popular?

    Wetrooms are undoubtedly becoming more and more popular and there are quite a few reasons behind it.
    Firstly, it definitely looks very appealing. Wetrooms add up to a modern and sleek look of the whole bathroom (if not the whole home) making it look very attractive. The designer's look full of minimalist nature can feature different materials such as stone, wood or concrete that beautifully contributes to an overall bathroom appearance. The full wall tiling, open design and contemporary minimalism definitely can add a ‘wow’ factor to any bathroom.

    Secondly, wet rooms can be very space saving as there is no shower tray limiting where the showering area can be. Some bathrooms are weirdly shaped, or just smaller than others and it may be hard to fit an ordinary, larger shower tray. Tiling the whole shower area with waterproofing systems means that it can be located in the most difficult spaces, with roof angles, along the wall, in weirdly shaped corners or with an addition of a customised shower screen adjusted to the exact bathroom dimensions. It lets creating a very functional and easily usable space without fitting bulky fixtures.
    It is also seen that wetrooms visually open up the bathroom space which is an ideal solution for all smaller bathrooms. The openness of the bathroom can make it look bigger than it actually is. Bulkier shower enclosure doors can be replaced with a single screen or no screen at all.
    And even if it is hard to imagine it all, our free 3D design software allows us to present the look of a new wetroom to all of our clients.

    Secondly, it offers high levels of accessibility and functionality. Maybe it is not always designed with this in mind but actually it often becomes a winner factor when purchasing or renting a new property. No tray means no obstacles when a clear shower entrance is needed. Those with movement restrictions, such as disabled or eldery people have easy access to the shower without worrying about stepping over the shower doors’ fixings or damaging the tray with a use of a shower stool or a wheelchair. Durable, non-slip flooring tiles will be an ideal solution to families with young children who will not have to be anxious about gliding in the shower area increasing the safety factor.

    Furthermore wetrooms are seen as easier to clean and maintain. None or limited fixings and fittings allow minimising the amount of spaces needing to be washed and scrubbed. The notorious grime and dirt tends to gather in the most difficult places to clean. Customers often complain about an amount of time spent refreshing the framework and runners. Cleaning wet rooms can be limited to gleaming frameless screens and tiles walls and floors. It can be quite surprising but wetrooms are therefore timesaving!

    Wetrooms are also increasing the overall durability of the bathrooms. It may be hard to believe but the extra tanking of the room makes it extremely resistant to moisture damages and leaks. It is very easy for water to run into areas it shouldn't, which often creates dampness in walls and builds-up the damaging humidity. The extra protection of overall structure is considered to last longer than in an ordinary bathroom and it makes it look newer and fresher for longer. Some customers may be convinced that waterproofing will be more expensive but actually, when calculated how much money was spent to waterproof the room, it will be much cheaper (and time saving!) than re-renovating the same space after just a couple of years. All of the moisture is contained within the sealed walls of the room preventing creating damp in walls.

    Last, but not least, a wetroom adds value to a home if and when it comes to sell. Wetrooms are very appealing to potential buyers when they see spacious bathrooms. Should a property be up for sale, open shower areas, looking very stylish and contemporary can become a winning factor.
    Whilst it can maybe cost a little more to install a wetroom rather than an ordinary, traditional bathroom, the initial cost is well worth the long-lasting investment. A sleek modern look and a whole list of above advantages can be rather convincing to everyone that would like a beautifully looking home with a reduced time required for the bathrooms’ cleaning and maintenance.

    Still not sure?

    One thing that can be promised here is that our Home Expert team will be able to answer all your questions regarding wetrooms. Our company has had the pleasure to renovate tens of differently sized and shaped wet rooms in Aberdeen and beyond. We are constantly monitoring the market and keep checking the newest trends and fitting solutions to make sure we do it all to the highest standards.
    We would be happy to assist you with your wetroom renovation so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team members.