25 October 2017

Get a new kitchen before Christmas

Order your Chippendale kitchen now and get it supplied and fitted before Christmas 2017!


The time is running out! Only 8 weeks till Christmas…


Can you remember your last year’s Christmas dinner? Has everything worked out? Have you had enough space in your kitchen to cook it all your way? Enough storage to stock all of the dishes?Well maybe, just maybe it’s time to do it properly this year? And obviously leave your guests speechless when they will see your new kitchen! Get it right this time! Come and see our designers to come up with an ideal kitchen layout: functional and stunning! Plus there are many of the Chippendale kitchens that are up to 40% off so you’ll surely find something for yourself!

Additionally Home Expert  provides perfect set of:

– Granite, Quartz, Corian® or Laminate Worktops

– Appliances

– 100% Waterproof Quick Step Kitchen Flooring

– Lighting etc

And many more!

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